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If boredom can kill, then many should have been dead in the many days wasted in the past. Project Samara Fae is my Personal Blog, showcasing the little bits of a mundane everyday life and transforming it to something exciting.

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  • A Rainy Afternoon

    I and my dear waifu Johara Osme�a have made a 2012 resolution to organize a photoshoot at least once a week. So far, we have schedule a few people to shoot on now our most favorite day of the week, our Saturdays. I am very lucky to have Johara by my side, for volunteering to be my Make-up Artist on my shoots. ...

  • Highlights and Contours

    While I and Ira were having our shoot at the Peak, Johara and Trixi decided to stay at Wings and Dips, at the Peak to play with Johara's make-up kit and Trixi as her guinea pig. ...

  • A Shoot with Ira

    Gotta love her eyes ~ Gotta love her lips ~ Gotta love her dolly face ~ She's Ira Franchesk Vergara. Her doll face is a natural. My shoot with Ira was my first collaboration with my dear waifu Johara Osme�a. ...

  • Haruhi Suzumiya meets Samara Fae

    I am very much blessed to be surrounded by people who are really willing to help me in achieving my dream: that is, to do a cosplay shoot. I have always admired Alodia Gosienfao and the Tuxedo Team way back in DeviantArt. I knew someday I could do an awesome cosplay shoot myself, and that someday finally came. ...

  • Shekhaina on my First Photoshoot

    Today I have attended my first Photography Workshop, of course, to learn basic photography. It's about time that I help myself by learning from mentors. Thanks to Joppet Tan and James Michael Montano's Basic Photography Workshop, I get also to experience , have fun, and learn from my very first formal photoshoot. ...


"In the faint hearts of the living, there was the dead who constantly mourns."

She was Yurei, a faint spirit. And yet she was still among the living, but lives as if she was dead. In a town where the impoverished struggle, where the ugly in appearance and heart are abundant, she was an outcast. But soon her pain shall end, because she has been destined to be ... the sacrifice to the gods -- kamigami he hitomigokuu.

Today I met a lovely girl, thanks to Danix for introducing her to me. I was told it was her first photoshoot and she was nervous. Well I've met people like her! And I'm really glad to be able to be the first one to shoot such a beauty. Her name was Jarine, and true to what Nix has said, she's very shy. And yet, I like the way she carried herself in front of my camera. She projected well, for a first timer! I'm loving her already, and now she's on my favorite list. 

We did a shoot inspired from Miss A's upcoming music video based on their teaser photos, holding on some fabrics. Well, I always wanted to try shooting a model wearing something really bare with only a fabric wrapped around her body. And wooosh! I got this one. We had a perfect setting, since I was thinking of something dramatic or horror-inspired. We found a really nice area in our location and decided to stay there. I am very happy of the outcome. 

I wish to do more shoots with Jarine, she has lots of potentials. And as for this photo shoot's theme, I might do some more remakes of this one. I like the simplicity of our set-up, of the model's light make up, and her over-all attire. 

 Last Sunday gave us a perfect weather, and a perfectly good opportunity. Although things didn't come as I expected (well, so much for high standards!), I think I did practice my craft well. I was asked by a friend to do an acquaintance a favor. I don't usually shoot on a Sunday since I reserve it as my rest day, I always wanted it to be my lazy day to at least pamper myself since I usually get a hell busy week at work! I deserve rest. But I decided I should try my luck.

But things don't always go as you want them, but even though it didn't go well, the lessons and experience you carry on will always be there to remind you the lessons it taught us. Same goes with me. 

Anyway, I'll be showcasing you (along with some emo stuff) the shots I had last Sunday, of which I am quite happy with. For the composition and shadow-play. The location was really nice since it gave us a lot of shadows. And aside from my light-catcher being my boyfriend, I should compliment he was dutiful and he did a great job in reflecting the lights. 

We did catch the available light and utilized it fully in our limited time, and our limited space (since the location is really small). But the results of this one, I was quite happy and proud. I'm satisfied as a photographer (if only we can disregard one requirement where we have failed completely -- I'm not going to mention it), I am quite happy. 

Actually, after all the stumbles and fall, I am more determined to work my way up there, to be a good photographer, according to my standards, and to the high standards of my friends. I won't be stepping on anyone else's camera, for sure. Nor on a model's foot. 

Side entry.

Disclaimer: The post below is completely unrelated to the post above.

What could ruin a perfect day and a perfect weather? Nothing. When you're up for a photo shoot, a photographer must grab every opportunity to shoot on a wonderful sun, in a wonderful setting, and where the lights and shadow play. No other external forces, no matter how negative they are can move me.

Even concert events, or a fashion show have a lot of commotion going on behind the backstage. But photographers -- they choose to stay, no matter what. For as long as their cameras aren't the things that are stepped on.

I believe I just did the right thing too. I wasn't hungry for anything. No exposure at all. Just for the fun and love of it. The terrible and disappointing experience (not that I was expecting anything, and I knew karma was waiting around the corner) that I had encountered made me realize and remember what all this Project was all about. Where I have pledged to shoot at least once a week. That I have vowed to improve myself on my craft. That is, chasing photography -- and doing everything else for the fun of it. For the love of it. I deserve better.

I may not really be a good photographer, but I know I am on my way, and on the right track of being one. There are no shortcuts. No distractions. And no temptations could come in the way. When conflicts arise, I shall leave and move on. I deserve better.

"I am not worthy." 

Well, the previous weekend had so much disappointments, for me as a try-hard photographer. Well I guess even people like me has their ups and downs, no one is exempted. 

Excuse me for the emo post, but I just had to let go of some let-downs so I can finally move on (well, actually I am in the process of moving on and this post is just an excuse -- since I felt the need to keep up with my vow of a weekly blog post). 

Sux. Big time. To my friends involved last week, please don't take this personally. I'm not blaming anything to you. Since this is a personal battle within myself, after-all. You have zero contributions to this sad-state of my life. Rest assured, I have no hard feelings.

A cancelled shoot, a rushed-out shoot for a replacement, with an angry weather to come in between me and my plans. Why should I blame the weather? No., I'm sorry if I have said my excuses. I stand corrected. It was me after all, for trying to insist on shooting even when the weather was bad, and the location, even limited. So what did I get? Something second-rated. (I'm sorry Debbie, I wasn't just happy with my shots). I let down myself. I'm an awful photographer. :'(

And then come Sunday when I had the chance to get even. But unfortunately, I'm not saying anything about Sunday. Story ends there.

If there is one thing to be thankful about the weekends' disaster, well, it would be: it was a humbling experience. I'm still way out of the best photographers I know, out of their league. TAT. But it doesn't end there. Even when my self-esteem was entirely down the drain, with a couple of angst boiling inside me against some entity (a person, not God), I shall do again another vengeance this coming weekend. Well, I'm not totally hopeless. So yeah. Whatever. Sucky post. Just like the title. A punch for a sucker, and it's not really me.

I'd like to see you jump off the bridge, to make me feel better. 

[Photo by me. Super post-processed. Debbie cosplaying as Babydoll in "Sucker Punch".]

I have always loved soulful music. And when I heard the song "It Hurts" playing while I was randomly browsing youtube videos, I fell in love instantly. The gothic theme, and the soulful voices of the Korean artists took me in. My soul was taken. 

Hearing the song made me hurt too. Even though I couldn't understand the lyrics, I know it was a very gloomy song. Not until I have read the lyrics -- it broke my heart.

Since then, I have always wanted to have a shoot inspired by 2ne1's music video, "It Hurts".  My favorite member was Park Bom and luckily, I chanced myself to meet Danix Noona who shares the same passion and love. 

Even after several postponements and the cloudy weather, the sun still managed to shine itself upon us during the day of our shoot. I am greatly thankful. So here it is, our own remake of Park Bom's character in "It Hurts".

Danix Noona portraying Park Bom of 2ne1 MV "It Hurts". Photos by Me.

"You look at my tears as if it were nothing
You continue to talk calmly again
You told me cruely that you couldn't deny
That you had absolutely no attachments or regrets

Are we already too late? Is our love over?
Even if it's a lie, please tell me it isn't so
I can do better now, though we can't meet again."

Disclaimer: We obviously do not own Park Bom and any of her music videos. No copyright infringement intended =.3

This has been one hectic and fulfilling week. My appointments last weekend has been cancelled: my scheduled shoot, and my excitement to attend the K-pop Mini-con has left my broken heart crying, just like a disappointed kid who wasn't able to come on a field trip because of fever -- only this time, I was left to stay at home to finish my working papers. Yes. I already work and I still get to bring home assignments! No hard feelings, I just love both worlds.

So here is a late entry and I'm just happy to know that my FB page Project Samara Fae has gotten 64 likes, so far. Without massive campaigns, and I'm quite satisfied. Thanks for the love, everyone!

On photo: Yang Castolo on yet another lying-down pose. Somehow I get the feeling I'd like to do more shoots with models lying down. If only I can also bring a step ladder with me on location!

Top: some vintage guns she's got there
Left: a recycled photo from 2010, katana girl.

Both guns and katana are just decorative stuffs, great props for some conceptual shoot I have in mind. <3

I have always admired the Korean Fashion, and every time I find myself browsing on several online shops that sell Korean apparels and Tumblr blogs which feature the fashion, I find myself inspired to do my own version of their street-style and studio photos.

Only recently have I discovered the right term to say the photography style: lookbook. 

Lookbook as defined, is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, or a style of clothing line. 

Taking advantage of our third installment of our Saturday shoot project with Johara, I decided to make it into a lookbook shoot. Also, this was our first collaboration with my ever gorgeous, talented and beautiful waifu, Diane Oh, a freelance model, and a make-up artist too. She also helped Johara in perfecting the make-up for our model. 

We had a wonderful opportunity to be graced by Kym Sara Cañizares for our Saturday shoot. I was told that Kym has just won a place in the pageant Miss Teen Davao. What an honor to have her with us!

On Kym: Blue and white striped blouse by Bayo, Black skinny jeans by BNY Jeans, White belt by Your Rules Your Style, and 6-inch silver pumps by Aldo.

Accessories on Kym: Blue dangling earrings by FORJOY, White gold 16-karat diamond ring, Hong Kong setting from by Allison, and Black & silver bracelets (gifted).

Photo by: Samara Fae

Special thanks to Green Coffee for allowing us to shoot in their coffee shop. 

Green Coffee is located at F.Torres St., Davao City. Brewing 24/7.

See individual Hi-res photos in my DeviantArt here.

I and my dear waifu Johara Osmeña have made a 2012 resolution to organize a photoshoot at least once a week. So far, we have schedule a few people to shoot on now our most favorite day of the week, our Saturdays. I am very lucky to have Johara by my side, for volunteering to be my Make-up Artist on my shoots. I love her, and we love doing this activity together and since we share the same interest: pretty girls. 

On our second week of our "Unnamed Project" we had Trixi Villalon again at our disposal, our very willing sacrificial lamb, our guinea pig. Lot's of love there, Trixi. <3

With my usual (un)biased fervor, Johara's make-up with Trixi was again worthy of praise. I had my eyes on her make-up set and she used her tools like a genius. I was really drooling on them and how I wish I would be able to do make-ups as good as hers! In time, in time.

I was quite happy with my shots that day as I reviewed them on my camera screen, however, I was disappointed when I uploaded them on my laptop. They weren't really as sharp as I thought them to be. We were lacking natural light during our shoot, after-all, hence the noise and I admitted my mistake since I was not able to compensate it with my camera settings. Lessons learned, lessons learned.

While I and Ira were having our shoot at the Peak, Johara and Trixi decided to stay at Wings and Dips, at the Peak to play with Johara's make-up kit and Trixi as her guinea pig.

I was amazed at the transformation of Trixi, from a simple girl to a handsome young man. I'm impressed at the ability of make-up to change woman to man, and the secret to such power is like painting. Make-up, after all is also an art. 

Here as some photos to drool on, let's just pretend that this handsome young man isn't a "she".

Make-up on Trixi: 

Dollface Highlights and Contours Palette and NYC Stick Eyebrow liner.

Gotta love her eyes ~
Gotta love her lips ~
Gotta love her dolly face ~ ♥

She's Ira Francheska Vergara. Her doll face is a natural. My shoot with Ira was my first collaboration with my dear waifu Johara OsmeñaShe did the make-up on Ira and it was flawless! Her make-up skills are like that of a professional and I totally envy her make-up kit! Waifu, in time I will also be able to buy that much make-up. So accommodate my request when that time comes! X3

So here goes our first photoshoot for 2012. I am very happy with my new lens, the photos came out sharp and the depth-of-field very well defined. Ira's eyes and expression are just too lovely and her pouty lips so luscious! I am quite happy taking close-up photos with her. <3

We did the shoot at The Peak, that's at the rooftop at Gaisano Mall, I love the architecture most especially the clear fountain as its centerpiece. I would love to take a dip on it someday, when no guards are watching. The place was crowded however, so we had difficulty looking good angles with no photobombers in the photo.

On Ira are Kospurei Sugar Shop's  wig extensions. Doesn't seem obvious, right? Her princess curls just look so natural. My waifu Johara is such a genius in blending 2 colors of the extensions on Ira's shoulder-length hair, she did it like a boss. 


This is my call. Once a blogger, always a blogger. I have gone hiatus for a very long time, 1 or 3 years from serious of blogging, of putting my thoughts into words and letting my emotions out through writing. I graduated, passed the board, got employed, and in the circus of my life I got lost track of all the things I've always wanted to save -- and put into words.

And yet, here I am again. Writing. Blogging. I have grown up and my thoughts may now be matured, but I'll still be the same me: a wanna-be artist who would want to show the world of who and what I can be. Full of dreams, of potentials, and when my means permit me so, I will be able to materialize all of these. I am now reminded, I am a dreamer by the day. My ambitions will not remain in the recesses of my mind and at sleep, but instead I shall be awake, putting all these dreams into reality.

So to me, welcome back to blogging. Welcome back to Project Samara Fae. And may all your plans become real.