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My First Photoshoot

Posted by Samara Fae - -

Today I have attended my first Photography Workshop, of course, to learn basic photography. It's about time that I help myself by learning from mentors. Thanks to Joppet Tan and James Michael Montano's Basic Photography Workshop, I get also to experience , have fun, and learn from my very first formal photoshoot.

I do not know anything personal about Shekhainna Faith Morales, but photographing her made me feel like I was getting to know her more and more with every close of my shutter. She has a very strong facial expression, and I love it. She's cunning and her eyes were very dramatic. I thought I would be having a hard time in getting good shots of her but she made it very easy for me by giving that fierce yet sexy expression to me and all my other workshop-mates' cameras.

I also appreciate her attentiveness in the shoot without looking very conscious about herself. She'd look at my camera in the eye whenever she hears the beep prior to when my shutter closes. She's just so stunning! I got too obsessed with her serious expression I unconsciously took more of her photos close up. Yes. I missed to take even just one whole body shot. Booo. But I didn't regret it. I have many of her close ups anyway, I'm happy with capturing her different facial expressions. But at least I now I know that I should always mentally check and remind myself to have at least one shot for close-up, portrait, and whole body.

Bring Me to You

Shekhainna looks really mesmerizing when she looks at my camera in the eye. But I love it more when she looks away or looks down. It's more dramatic that way, I believe. Even so, there's no other more lovely expression that is more beautiful than her smile, and I feel really lucky to have captured one of her best smiles.

Shekhainna's Smile

Enclosed in My Castle Always Here ... Waiting Take Me Away Shekhainna Fierce Shekhainna
Shekhainna Cinderella is Amandari Cove's Janitress

PS. I know I can still do better. I really would appreciate constructive criticisms. Thank you.

2 Responses so far.

  1. nice shots!

    it's a plus factor pag maganda at magaling ang model..

    i'm looking forward to your next projects...

  2. Samara says:

    Wow! Kuya! THanks!!! Yeah. Magaling talaga si Shek. Super Talented!!

    Yep Yep.. Excited na din ako mag post about sa second model namin dun sa workshop..She's Good Too. (^_^)

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