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Awaken Me

Posted by Samara Fae - -

As the end of year 2011 came, it made me realize that all the emptiness that I have been feeling were partly due to my thirst of photography. I have long abandoned my passion due to various reasons - some of them out of my control, others a part of my choice, and most of them, my lack of inspiration and very low self-esteem.

However, I am extremely grateful that I was able to retrieve my drive to do photography; armed with my new lens, I felt that I am more ready to face the visual artistry I have always been fond of. To organize and meet friends, to socialize, and to share our common interests for beauty and people. I love portraits and I love doing it more to new people.
I believe that I am a very simple person with simple tastes. I have that odd habit of viewing other pretty girl's profiles and appreciate their beauty. Sometimes, I  would be tempted to ambush them and ask them for a shoot. But of course I don't do that - often. Only for a few occasions when I find that such person is very desirable in front of lens. Among them is Xiao (and my experience with her on my first cosplay shoot) and Alaykka (on my first casual  shoot). I can still count them on my right fingers, actually so I'm not really that creepy of a person. Or am I?
But before I make this post any longer, I would just like to feature a good friend, Trixi. She's such a lovely person. We went out on a sunny Saturday at Suncity for a location review for our planned shoot. Inspired, I also brought my camera with me to do a casual shoot for her, and also since I admitted surrender to myself -- I was indeed photoshoot hungry and the only way to answer for that hunger is to feed my camera (I now name her Nikki). 

And like a child proud of her work, I was happy and satisfied. I had to end my year very fulfilled and motivated to do more for 2012. 

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