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A Casual Shoot with Ira

Posted by Samara Fae - -

Gotta love her eyes ~
Gotta love her lips ~
Gotta love her dolly face ~ ♥

She's Ira Francheska Vergara. Her doll face is a natural. My shoot with Ira was my first collaboration with my dear waifu Johara OsmeñaShe did the make-up on Ira and it was flawless! Her make-up skills are like that of a professional and I totally envy her make-up kit! Waifu, in time I will also be able to buy that much make-up. So accommodate my request when that time comes! X3

So here goes our first photoshoot for 2012. I am very happy with my new lens, the photos came out sharp and the depth-of-field very well defined. Ira's eyes and expression are just too lovely and her pouty lips so luscious! I am quite happy taking close-up photos with her. <3

We did the shoot at The Peak, that's at the rooftop at Gaisano Mall, I love the architecture most especially the clear fountain as its centerpiece. I would love to take a dip on it someday, when no guards are watching. The place was crowded however, so we had difficulty looking good angles with no photobombers in the photo.

On Ira are Kospurei Sugar Shop's  wig extensions. Doesn't seem obvious, right? Her princess curls just look so natural. My waifu Johara is such a genius in blending 2 colors of the extensions on Ira's shoulder-length hair, she did it like a boss. 


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