If boredom can kill, then many should have been dead in the many days wasted in the past. Project Samara Fae is my Personal Blog, showcasing the little bits of a mundane everyday life and transforming it to something exciting.

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Come 2012

Posted by Samara Fae - -

This is my call. Once a blogger, always a blogger. I have gone hiatus for a very long time, 1 or 3 years from serious of blogging, of putting my thoughts into words and letting my emotions out through writing. I graduated, passed the board, got employed, and in the circus of my life I got lost track of all the things I've always wanted to save -- and put into words.

And yet, here I am again. Writing. Blogging. I have grown up and my thoughts may now be matured, but I'll still be the same me: a wanna-be artist who would want to show the world of who and what I can be. Full of dreams, of potentials, and when my means permit me so, I will be able to materialize all of these. I am now reminded, I am a dreamer by the day. My ambitions will not remain in the recesses of my mind and at sleep, but instead I shall be awake, putting all these dreams into reality.

So to me, welcome back to blogging. Welcome back to Project Samara Fae. And may all your plans become real.

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