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Lookbook with Kym

Posted by Samara Fae - -

I have always admired the Korean Fashion, and every time I find myself browsing on several online shops that sell Korean apparels and Tumblr blogs which feature the fashion, I find myself inspired to do my own version of their street-style and studio photos.

Only recently have I discovered the right term to say the photography style: lookbook. 

Lookbook as defined, is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, or a style of clothing line. 

Taking advantage of our third installment of our Saturday shoot project with Johara, I decided to make it into a lookbook shoot. Also, this was our first collaboration with my ever gorgeous, talented and beautiful waifu, Diane Oh, a freelance model, and a make-up artist too. She also helped Johara in perfecting the make-up for our model. 

We had a wonderful opportunity to be graced by Kym Sara Cañizares for our Saturday shoot. I was told that Kym has just won a place in the pageant Miss Teen Davao. What an honor to have her with us!

On Kym: Blue and white striped blouse by Bayo, Black skinny jeans by BNY Jeans, White belt by Your Rules Your Style, and 6-inch silver pumps by Aldo.

Accessories on Kym: Blue dangling earrings by FORJOY, White gold 16-karat diamond ring, Hong Kong setting from by Allison, and Black & silver bracelets (gifted).

Photo by: Samara Fae

Special thanks to Green Coffee for allowing us to shoot in their coffee shop. 

Green Coffee is located at F.Torres St., Davao City. Brewing 24/7.

See individual Hi-res photos in my DeviantArt here.

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