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A Rainy Afternoon

Posted by Samara Fae - -

I and my dear waifu Johara Osmeña have made a 2012 resolution to organize a photoshoot at least once a week. So far, we have schedule a few people to shoot on now our most favorite day of the week, our Saturdays. I am very lucky to have Johara by my side, for volunteering to be my Make-up Artist on my shoots. I love her, and we love doing this activity together and since we share the same interest: pretty girls. 

On our second week of our "Unnamed Project" we had Trixi Villalon again at our disposal, our very willing sacrificial lamb, our guinea pig. Lot's of love there, Trixi. <3

With my usual (un)biased fervor, Johara's make-up with Trixi was again worthy of praise. I had my eyes on her make-up set and she used her tools like a genius. I was really drooling on them and how I wish I would be able to do make-ups as good as hers! In time, in time.

I was quite happy with my shots that day as I reviewed them on my camera screen, however, I was disappointed when I uploaded them on my laptop. They weren't really as sharp as I thought them to be. We were lacking natural light during our shoot, after-all, hence the noise and I admitted my mistake since I was not able to compensate it with my camera settings. Lessons learned, lessons learned.

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