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Femme Fatale

Posted by Samara Fae - -

This has been one hectic and fulfilling week. My appointments last weekend has been cancelled: my scheduled shoot, and my excitement to attend the K-pop Mini-con has left my broken heart crying, just like a disappointed kid who wasn't able to come on a field trip because of fever -- only this time, I was left to stay at home to finish my working papers. Yes. I already work and I still get to bring home assignments! No hard feelings, I just love both worlds.

So here is a late entry and I'm just happy to know that my FB page Project Samara Fae has gotten 64 likes, so far. Without massive campaigns, and I'm quite satisfied. Thanks for the love, everyone!

On photo: Yang Castolo on yet another lying-down pose. Somehow I get the feeling I'd like to do more shoots with models lying down. If only I can also bring a step ladder with me on location!

Top: some vintage guns she's got there
Left: a recycled photo from 2010, katana girl.

Both guns and katana are just decorative stuffs, great props for some conceptual shoot I have in mind. <3

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