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아파 It hurts

Posted by Samara Fae - -

I have always loved soulful music. And when I heard the song "It Hurts" playing while I was randomly browsing youtube videos, I fell in love instantly. The gothic theme, and the soulful voices of the Korean artists took me in. My soul was taken. 

Hearing the song made me hurt too. Even though I couldn't understand the lyrics, I know it was a very gloomy song. Not until I have read the lyrics -- it broke my heart.

Since then, I have always wanted to have a shoot inspired by 2ne1's music video, "It Hurts".  My favorite member was Park Bom and luckily, I chanced myself to meet Danix Noona who shares the same passion and love. 

Even after several postponements and the cloudy weather, the sun still managed to shine itself upon us during the day of our shoot. I am greatly thankful. So here it is, our own remake of Park Bom's character in "It Hurts".

Danix Noona portraying Park Bom of 2ne1 MV "It Hurts". Photos by Me.

"You look at my tears as if it were nothing
You continue to talk calmly again
You told me cruely that you couldn't deny
That you had absolutely no attachments or regrets

Are we already too late? Is our love over?
Even if it's a lie, please tell me it isn't so
I can do better now, though we can't meet again."

Disclaimer: We obviously do not own Park Bom and any of her music videos. No copyright infringement intended =.3

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