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Sucker's Punch (pun intended)

Posted by Samara Fae - -

"I am not worthy." 

Well, the previous weekend had so much disappointments, for me as a try-hard photographer. Well I guess even people like me has their ups and downs, no one is exempted. 

Excuse me for the emo post, but I just had to let go of some let-downs so I can finally move on (well, actually I am in the process of moving on and this post is just an excuse -- since I felt the need to keep up with my vow of a weekly blog post). 

Sux. Big time. To my friends involved last week, please don't take this personally. I'm not blaming anything to you. Since this is a personal battle within myself, after-all. You have zero contributions to this sad-state of my life. Rest assured, I have no hard feelings.

A cancelled shoot, a rushed-out shoot for a replacement, with an angry weather to come in between me and my plans. Why should I blame the weather? No., I'm sorry if I have said my excuses. I stand corrected. It was me after all, for trying to insist on shooting even when the weather was bad, and the location, even limited. So what did I get? Something second-rated. (I'm sorry Debbie, I wasn't just happy with my shots). I let down myself. I'm an awful photographer. :'(

And then come Sunday when I had the chance to get even. But unfortunately, I'm not saying anything about Sunday. Story ends there.

If there is one thing to be thankful about the weekends' disaster, well, it would be: it was a humbling experience. I'm still way out of the best photographers I know, out of their league. TAT. But it doesn't end there. Even when my self-esteem was entirely down the drain, with a couple of angst boiling inside me against some entity (a person, not God), I shall do again another vengeance this coming weekend. Well, I'm not totally hopeless. So yeah. Whatever. Sucky post. Just like the title. A punch for a sucker, and it's not really me.

I'd like to see you jump off the bridge, to make me feel better. 

[Photo by me. Super post-processed. Debbie cosplaying as Babydoll in "Sucker Punch".]

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