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The Unexpected Twist

Posted by Samara Fae - -

 Last Sunday gave us a perfect weather, and a perfectly good opportunity. Although things didn't come as I expected (well, so much for high standards!), I think I did practice my craft well. I was asked by a friend to do an acquaintance a favor. I don't usually shoot on a Sunday since I reserve it as my rest day, I always wanted it to be my lazy day to at least pamper myself since I usually get a hell busy week at work! I deserve rest. But I decided I should try my luck.

But things don't always go as you want them, but even though it didn't go well, the lessons and experience you carry on will always be there to remind you the lessons it taught us. Same goes with me. 

Anyway, I'll be showcasing you (along with some emo stuff) the shots I had last Sunday, of which I am quite happy with. For the composition and shadow-play. The location was really nice since it gave us a lot of shadows. And aside from my light-catcher being my boyfriend, I should compliment he was dutiful and he did a great job in reflecting the lights. 

We did catch the available light and utilized it fully in our limited time, and our limited space (since the location is really small). But the results of this one, I was quite happy and proud. I'm satisfied as a photographer (if only we can disregard one requirement where we have failed completely -- I'm not going to mention it), I am quite happy. 

Actually, after all the stumbles and fall, I am more determined to work my way up there, to be a good photographer, according to my standards, and to the high standards of my friends. I won't be stepping on anyone else's camera, for sure. Nor on a model's foot. 

Side entry.

Disclaimer: The post below is completely unrelated to the post above.

What could ruin a perfect day and a perfect weather? Nothing. When you're up for a photo shoot, a photographer must grab every opportunity to shoot on a wonderful sun, in a wonderful setting, and where the lights and shadow play. No other external forces, no matter how negative they are can move me.

Even concert events, or a fashion show have a lot of commotion going on behind the backstage. But photographers -- they choose to stay, no matter what. For as long as their cameras aren't the things that are stepped on.

I believe I just did the right thing too. I wasn't hungry for anything. No exposure at all. Just for the fun and love of it. The terrible and disappointing experience (not that I was expecting anything, and I knew karma was waiting around the corner) that I had encountered made me realize and remember what all this Project was all about. Where I have pledged to shoot at least once a week. That I have vowed to improve myself on my craft. That is, chasing photography -- and doing everything else for the fun of it. For the love of it. I deserve better.

I may not really be a good photographer, but I know I am on my way, and on the right track of being one. There are no shortcuts. No distractions. And no temptations could come in the way. When conflicts arise, I shall leave and move on. I deserve better.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ooooooh! Was Miyavi the inspiration for this shoot???? :D

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