If boredom can kill, then many should have been dead in the many days wasted in the past. Project Samara Fae is my Personal Blog, showcasing the little bits of a mundane everyday life and transforming it to something exciting.

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Yūrei 幽霊

Posted by Samara Fae - -

"In the faint hearts of the living, there was the dead who constantly mourns."

She was Yurei, a faint spirit. And yet she was still among the living, but lives as if she was dead. In a town where the impoverished struggle, where the ugly in appearance and heart are abundant, she was an outcast. But soon her pain shall end, because she has been destined to be ... the sacrifice to the gods -- kamigami he hitomigokuu.

Today I met a lovely girl, thanks to Danix for introducing her to me. I was told it was her first photoshoot and she was nervous. Well I've met people like her! And I'm really glad to be able to be the first one to shoot such a beauty. Her name was Jarine, and true to what Nix has said, she's very shy. And yet, I like the way she carried herself in front of my camera. She projected well, for a first timer! I'm loving her already, and now she's on my favorite list. 

We did a shoot inspired from Miss A's upcoming music video based on their teaser photos, holding on some fabrics. Well, I always wanted to try shooting a model wearing something really bare with only a fabric wrapped around her body. And wooosh! I got this one. We had a perfect setting, since I was thinking of something dramatic or horror-inspired. We found a really nice area in our location and decided to stay there. I am very happy of the outcome. 

I wish to do more shoots with Jarine, she has lots of potentials. And as for this photo shoot's theme, I might do some more remakes of this one. I like the simplicity of our set-up, of the model's light make up, and her over-all attire. 

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